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MAGI is More Than A Class, It's A Community

Client Testimonial

"I stumbled upon MAGI while looking to expand my knowledge around AGILE concepts. I was directed to “Find out about Agile” by my manager and check to see if this concept would work for our team. There are no shortages of resources out there, but it was important for me to get a proper education and not rely on youtube videos to educate myself.

I signed up for the DASM course not really knowing what I was getting myself into, but I’m very glad that I took the chance. The amount of information seemed daunting at first, but the way the instructor presented the material and kept reinforcing the concepts really impressed me. I was slowly unwrapping a gift and opening the box was a great surprise! On the final day the picture became very clear. Disciplined Agile was the way to move forward with our team and I had garnered some skills that would really make an impact.

I took the DASM Certification test the day after the last class and passed on the very first attempt. It wasn’t easy, but I was prepared. MAGI is more than just a class, it’s a community. It’s people coming together, sharing and helping each other on their DA journey.

If you want to "Be Awesome" at Disciplined Agile, this is the place to start."

~ Marty M., EHR

Software Industry

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