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Best All-Around Experience

Client Testimonial

"I found the MAGI-DA classes to be the best all-around experience in taking a class.  Every aspect from the freshness and relevance of the material and the examples, the engagement and professionalism of the instructor, to the flexibility and adaptiveness to questions and feedback from students exceeded my expectations.

Learning about DA caused a paradigm shift in how I view Agile and what my role would be as a Scrum Master in my next role. The new found knowledge from the course helped me immensely in my interview process, as I was able to think critically and adapt to complex scenario questions without needing to memorize anything ahead of time.  All of my answers were context specific and I was able to articulate clearly my reasoning behind each of my hypothetical actions and answer any follow-up questions.  I feel confident and prepared moving into my next role, which I firmly believe I achieved only because I took the DASM and DASSM courses and achieved the DA Certifications.

I highly recommend anyone who is in any sort of Agile role take the MAGI courses, as this will give you a toolkit that you can use in any situation.

~ Amanda Wiskar, Scrum Master



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