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Client Testimonial

"Having worked as a PM in the events industry for the past 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to experience several different trainers both as a trainee and as an event professional. I can honestly say that working with Beth Ouellette and MAGI has been the best training experience I have ever encountered. Not only did Beth demonstrate exceptional understanding of Disciplined Agile, she also showed great emotional intelligence by the way she cared about the students and their varied points of view during training. She prepared additional training documents for her students and facilitated supplemental study sessions after the initial training was over. She also communicated and helped celebrate the success of each student as they passed their DASM exam.

Since taking my DASM training from Beth at MAGI, I have been working with my local PMI Chapter’s Disciplined Agile Champion to help promote Disciplined Agile to the Chapter. During this process I have learned that Beth Ouellette was one of the key figures who helped facilitate PMI’s roll out Disciplined Agile to the chapters. She is also the only PMI Fellow teaching Disciplined Agile. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Mark Lines, co-creator of Disciplined Agile, who was very complimentary of Beth when I mentioned that she was the trainer I took my Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) from.

I highly recommend MAGI and especially Beth Ouellette for your Disciplined Agile training needs.

UPDATE AFTER DASSM: My experience with Beth and MAGI has been phenomenal. I have now taken both my DASM and DASSM classes from MAGI and I couldn't be happier. The personal attention Beth gives her students is unparalleled. She provides her students with supplemental study material and also schedules follow up "touch-base calls" to assist students as they study for their exams. I have had my PMP for 10 years and have never experienced this level of service from an education provider. MAGI is the Gold Standard by which I will be comparing all PM education providers moving forward.

Needless to say, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MAGI for your training needs.

B. A. Macy (Andy), PMP, DASM, CMP

Project Manager / Meeting & Events Professional"


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