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Custom solution recommendations are based on client products and services, methods, desired outcomes, teams, and overall strategy.  We provide superior services, strategies, and solutions that will enable continuous improvement and successfully global market positioning. With the vast experience of a top-tier consulting firm, you’ll also get the attention of a specialty boutique.

Our goal is to provide a practical and pragmatic, yet scalable approach to your portfolio, program, and project management, whether it be through education and training, consulting, or coaching with executives, managers, PMs, and teams. Leveraging industry standards with PMI® best practices and Disciplined Agile, offerings are tailored to client-specific needs.

Excellence is measured via

1) client/customer feedback, 2) continued client recommendations and engagement, and 3) exam pass rates. 

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The Ouellette Group has over 25 years of program and project-leadership and team-based experience. This hands-on, real-life experience is what takes our clients from the classroom knowledge to the practical and pragmatic application of practices and continuous improvement.

Often after a training has occurred, participants question, “How do we do this on our project?” The Ouellette Group's consulting offering bridges the classroom experience to a rational, practical, realistic application of principles, practices, and tools.  A strong start is critical for any new practice and especially agile practices. Agile approaches encourage a new mindset, practices, tools, and in fact, a new way to work. “How to” mentoring is a critical success factor.

A consulting engagement may involve team immersion, one-on-one pairing, or periodic check-ins, facilitation, and coaching – depending on the goals, objectives, and needs. Consulting is typically short-term, yet the individual and team’s ability to implement new approaches and tools is long-lasting.  The consulting dimension of the practice can enable clarity of purpose, focus, and milestones, to ensure immediate application of principles, practices, and tools, and enable a journey of continuous improvement.

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