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Client Testimonial

"I had the pleasure of meeting Beth when I took the DASM course offered through MAGI a PMI ATP. I was looking for a credible agile certification course when I ran across the DASM certification course and jumped at the opportunity. Immediately, I was online attending the first day of class.

Beth practices what she teaches and was quick to welcome everyone to the course. She created a safe and inclusive space for our learning. I appreciated her ability to use real-life stories and her ability to break down and explain Disciplined Agile concepts in such a way as to make the complex simple and straightforward.

As we finished the DASM course and started preparations for the exam, I was amazed at Beth’s genuine interest in our progress to achieve the DASM certification. Although the course was over our group still had checkpoint meet-ups and follow-up congratulatory emails as students passed the DASM exam. This is not something that I have experienced with any other course I have taken.

There was no hesitation for me to continue with the DASSM course; I signed up immediately. With the two DA courses and the post-class meetups, I have had the pleasure of meeting such a wonderful and diverse group of people that I would not have otherwise known. By treating us as more than just students, Beth has enabled us to be each other’s tutors, supporters, and cheerleaders as we progressed through the DA journey.

I am happy to say that I am now a certified Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master and very happy to be part of this growing DA community! I wholeheartedly recommend MAGI for Disciplined Agile training and coaching."

~ Cigdem Salih, DASSM

Management Consultant

Pharma, Food, Consumer Products, Home Building & Consumer Industries (Retail)

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