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Warm Family Atmosphere

Client Testimonial

"I became interested in agile in January 2021. The principles in agile interested me since it aligned with my personal approach on how to manage projects and interact with team members. I decided to learn how agile works and saw that there were a plethora of providers.

I reviewed the background of the MAGI providers. Even though I had never taken an agile course before the background of each of the instructors spoke to me. I felt that their experience in the real world of project management would be of great value to me. During the two-day workshop I was impressed by all of the instructors' knowledge. Despite the busy agenda of agile topics, they managed each topic with care and conciseness. I never felt rushed as a participant. They really apply the agile principles as instructors. They asked for our feedback on how we felt the course was progressing. When breaking us into groups they allowed us to self organize. They created though brief a warm family atmosphere. The only thing I wanted more of was more time with the instructors to glean from their experiences. Even after the class was over they set up a follow-up meeting with us to review what we learned to assist us in the exam preparation.

I recommend the MAGI team to anyone new to agile and those who want to continue their agile journey."

~ J. Ashanti Gilliams, Newly Certified DASM

Program & Project Manager

State Government, Public Safety


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