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  • Beth Ouellette

We too have used DA’s WoW in the Disciplined Agile Chapter Champion Program at PMI

Disciplined Agile is still very new to the PMI Family, yet we can see sparks of DA and ways of working even in the Chapter Champion Program. Here are just a few areas that the Chapter Champs can see some of the WOWs in the Program. At the start and throughout this journey there has been regular contact with our DA sponsors, various areas within PMI and of course our Chapters and supporting structures. There is constant assessment of what is working, what do we need more or, what do we need to tweak, and re-planning, doing, studying, and acting, AND then Repeating. This may ring a bell of Plan-Do-Study(check)-Act. This is a very important and necessary quality technique to apply, and it is critical to the journey we are on with DA and choosing our “Way of Working.” We have used a bit of an exploratory lifecycle as we began this journey, to articulate a vision, build a little bit, deploy, observe, and measure, and “productize” proven ideas. The Chapter Champ program MVP was put into play early this year. Then as we get feedback, requests, new information, discovered new interests or needs, these things were all taken into consideration. And the program has seen a shift to a bit of an agile lifecycle. As well there are some areas that have more of a Serial lifecycle. However, when it came to creating the area for the DACC on the, I observed an Agile Continuous Improvement practice in action. If you have noted the journey, you saw this come into our hands very quickly, and with constant updates, improvements, and current, relevant information. Collectively this has a “Team of Teams” feel too. Now that’s WOW in action! As I look back, it is with a smile, to know we have applied Discipline Agile WayS of Working in the various parts of our Disciplined Agile Chapter Champion Program.

This journey will continue. There is much more to do. There are may parts of your Chapters and of the PMI organization that will continue to be involved or start to be involved as the next milestones are planned and reached. We started with an initial DACC Roadmap, and this is still valid, especially as new DACC join regularly. As Champs you will choose how to build on this with your Chapter Leaders to craft a road map for your personal growth, your Chapter Leader growth, and your membership. Will you work with your chapter leaders to evolve your events to more of the virtual platform? Is this a first for you? Perhaps be intentional and know this is an exploratory lifecycle, look at the phases within the lifecycle, study up on each and how to envision, build, deploy, observe/measure, and productize. Once you have transitioned to this new virtual platform for your events, you may evolve your way of working to Agile, or Lean, or even one of the continuous improvement lifecycles. They say you “gotta be in it to win it,” so why not start with one of your chapter’s projects, events, or implementations and use DA? As I worked with the Atlanta Chapter as host of a May 11th Webinar – the leadership team did just that!

As this DACC journey continues, my time as your DACC Program Advisor Volunteer comes to completion. I am honored and grateful to have met and interacted with you all as we blazed the trail for DA and Chapters. You already know that I am passionate about Disciplined Agile, and that I have put myself through the training, certifications, and daily application of DA with client consulting and coaching. This has been part of my personal roadmap, and it continues to evolve. You see, my advice “be in it to win it” goes for me too.

Though, my volunteer commitment is complete I will be continuing the Disciplined Agile journey too. As a PMI Fellow and friend our global community, I will still be available for webinars, advice, and perspective – as I have always been. I am excited about the next phase of our DA journey. I encourage you all to be a “Go Getter.” Please check in with me to let me know how things are progressing in the coming months. November is the 1-year anniversary of the DACC Program. What will the full-year accomplishments be? I look forward to seeing where you all continue to take Disciplined Agile within our amazing global community. I welcome your continued connection and look forward to our 1-year retrospective.

With a heartfelt thanks – Let's keep it going!

Be Safe – Be Awesome!

Beth Ouellette, former DACC Program Advisor Volunteer




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